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Straight Drama?

The New Bristol Arts Club in conjunction with the University Dramatic Society presents an evening of short one-act plays at the Arnolfini Gallery. The evening will start with 'The Tent', a tense war ...

56 Group

"In 1956, dissatisfied with the monotonous dullness of most exhibitions of contemporary art in Wales, several painters and sculptors working in Wales founded the 56 Group in order to exhibit work ...

Gillian Ayres

Shown alongside Anthea Alley and Peter Coviello.

Anthea Alley

Showed alongside Gillian Ayres and Peter Coviello.

Peter Coveillo

Shown alongside Anthea Alley and Peter Coviello.

An Approach to Jewellery

An exhibition of jewellery by students of Gerda Flockinger from the Hornsey College of Art.
Tuesday 21 February 2017

Archive Display 11am-6pm

Shop 11am-6pm

Cafe 10am-6pm

Reading Room 11am-6pm