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Roger Mayne

'Docks, Bristol', 1968, by Roger Mayne - number 3 of our #ArnolfiniStory archive images.

The photographer Roger Mayne (1929 - 2014) exhibited twice at Arnolfini, in 1966 and 1974. This image is part of a large body of work he produced that document life in British cities in the mid 20th century in an incredibly vibrant way. It shows Bristol's docks by the time they had fallen largely in to dereliction. It was Arnolfini's move to the area a few years later that started off the regeneration. Though as the photograph makes clear, at this period a vibrant future was by no means inevitable.

You can see more of Mayne's photographs here


Part of the Arnolfini Story Project  

Arnolfini Story is a multifaceted project celebrating the heritage of the organisation. Through it, we offer information and material from our archives, invite you to share your Arnolfini memories with us, and commission artists and writers to create new response to our history. It launches in 2015, 40 years after Arnolfini moved in to the Bush Warehouse, thereby becoming one of the first organisations to pioneer reuse of Bristol’s derelict docks. 

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