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SJ Fowler Poetry

Tomorrow evening Steven Fowler will read from his new poetry collection 'The Guide to Being Bear Aware’ (Shearsman Books). Here he shares a piece from the collection, 'Pap'.


Love comes but once, can’t stay - and when youth flies, she flies with it - she flies to someone young, Nahum Babad

You lift your dress into a bed where no one has called for years.
My warning is an Instagram video of a child and an owl, and yet you lie down, say I’ll look at it tomorrow.
Fuck that, look at it now.
Food waste feels good
you say, struggling
with a mousetrap.
My neck can lap youth I reckon, let’s test that out.
When you’re sleeping I think
younger people are in flight
from our useful data.
Allow them to lodge in your bed,
at least they won’t be used to you,
and having nothing to compare it against, will not think its deviant or outlandish.

Join us on Wednesday evening to hear Steven read from the book, in the company of poets John Hall, Paul Hawkins, Matti Spence, Holly Corfield-Carr and Phil Owen. Further details here.

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Saturday 29 April 2017

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