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The collected works of Dr Ellis C Monk

Young Arnolfini member Joshua Keeling presents new fiction as a part of their upcoming exhibition.

"The collected works of Dr Ellis C monk include a thesis on the rare properties of light bulbs, when coupled with the eggs of free-range chickens. Inspired by the discovery of a 40-watt light bulb inside the egg of a Kentucky hen, Monk states that theoretically a seed or an egg has the ability to harbour and insulate any form that, in terms of material digested by the lifeforce, does not exceed the elastic bands of biology. Therefore an egg or seed can hold within it any worldly thing. Even after the indecent was revealed as a hoax the doctor still held faith in it.

Monk's greatest achievement was the cultivation of an allotment of organic lamps. Here you will find some lamp seeds."

This story alongside many others will appear in Young Arnolfini's upcoming exhibition, And Then We Pulled The Words Apart.

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Sunday 23 April 2017

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