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The Money

As part of Arnolfini's Artist Development Programme, Seth Honnor, Alice Tatton-Brown and Olivia Winteringham are rehearsing The Money in Arnolfini's Dark Studio, before it is performed simultaneously in Bristol and Manchester as part of No Boundaries next week.

We describe The Money as a “context specific” show. We try to site it in places of civic decision making. Ideally it is sited in the place of decision making for the community that will make up its audience. So this might be a Town Hall, City Chamber, or a Guildhall. The show works less well in blank spaces.

It has worked best to date at Houses of Parliament, and Exeter Guildhall – a building in which civic decisions have been made for around 10 centuries. Exeter Council still hold public meetings there. The gravitas of the space itself is important.

The show is an immersive experience. However, we borrow the real world of the space it is sited in to immerse, rather than dressing a space to create a fiction. In all other ways it should be treated as an immersive show. i.e. if something or someone is inside the space they are inside the show."

The Money is a Kaleider production. Conceived by Seth Honnor

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Tuesday 28 March 2017

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