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Turbo Island's Selections

Ahead of the Turbo Island Dune Series takeover on 25 November, Chris Wright, the boss behind it all, shares a few of his all-time favourites...

I’m going to go for some longstanding favourites. Nothing dancey. Music to draw to…

I don’t really know any French music but I do know this corker. The single version is a bit more disco. I forget where I first heard it…

Matioszek- Bloody Loser


I imagine most music is enjoyed by countless people across the globe, not this one though, I don’t imagine anyone else listening to King Kong but me…

King Kong- Deep Blue Sky 


There’s loads of good 80’s songs about TV… turning off your TV, hating your TV, killing your TV etc. Not sure if this one is for or against the telly…

Ohama- TV


I really like really contemplative songs that sit nicely at the end of a mixtape. I want to make a mixtape of “songs that would sit nicely at the end of a mixtape”. Here’s two all time faves that fit the bill.

Firstly, the ultimate band, who I finally saw in the flesh last week. I get more enjoyment out of them than I do Throbbing Gristle…

Psychic TV- The Orchids 


Secondly, an old Aussie band. I like to pretend me and my little brother are performing this. It’s a tearjerker off their Multiple Choice album…

The Metronomes- Bad Timing 


I can’t believe I didn’t pick any Cleaners From Venus, Arthur Russell, Ariel Pink, Felt or Prefab Sprout! I’ll play more uplifting stuff for the Dune Series night. Will probably play The Housemartins after a few beers.

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