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Young Arnolfini: Field Trip to Skenfrith

Young Arnolfini member Nicola Pearce writes about a recent trip along the border between Wales and England.

We took a field trip to Skenfrith, a small village in south-east Wales close to the border between Wales and England. Exploring Skenfrith castle we found the River Monnow running past, a tree inside the castle compound, walls with jagged teeth, bits they’d tried to restore.

We met here because it’s the middle point, a meeting point. I have a quote from Roni Horn written down in my book which says ‘when you have only one, you have only one, when you have two you have the space between, plus you’ve got the difference, and the difference is where everything opens up’. We met in that middle space.

This trip will form part of the research for Young Arnolfini's upcoming exhibition And then we pulled the words apart, due to open at Arnolfini this July. 

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