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The first stage of Arnolfini's on-line archive is now complete, and a comprehensive list of exhibitions, performances and other events that Arnolfini has programmed since 1961 are available in these page. Work is continuing to populate this list with documentation that relates to these events, including photographs, publicity material and exhibition guides.

Poster collection

In 1968, Arnolfini was awarded with a 'British poster design award' for 'New British Sculpture/Bristol'.

Below is a selection of posters from the 1960's - 1990's.


UWE/ Art in the City Talks : Josephine Pryde Jan
Grounded Jan
WEDF Talk // 4Creative — Born Risky Feb
IBT15 : Festival Pass : SOLD OUT Feb
100 Exposures: Manuel Vason Feb
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Paul Lytton, Tim Hodgkinson, Dominic Lash, Denman Maroney Jan
Howling Owl Presents: Vessel, Giant Swan, Oliver Wilde & H Jan
Young People's Festival of Ideas - Class and Education Jan
Slapstick International: The Extraordinary Adventures of Mister West in the Land of the Bolsheviks Jan
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Arnolfini at the Bristol Record Office Jan
The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu Jan
Pete Swanson Jan
SeaWomen - Mikhail Karikis Jan
Heather Phillipson - PRESSURIZATION Jan
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Darkin Ensemble - Disgo Feb
Bristol Live Open Platform - BLOP Feb
Shilpa Gupta - Someone Else Mar
Sophy Rickett - To The River Mar
Superpower: Africa in Science Fiction May
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