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Cally Spooner

Cally Spooner (Ascot, UK) is an artist based in London. Using theory and philosophers as alibis to help her write, and casts of arguing characters to help her perform, she produces plotless novellas, disjunctive theatre plays, looping monologues and musical arrangements to stage the movement and behavior of speech.

Born: 1983

Recent solo exhibitions and performances include Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2013), Seven Thirty Till Nine, Shanaynay, Paris, France (2012); Cally Spooner: Footnote 5, (with Dulcie Lewis and Peter Joslyn), ICA, London, UK (2012); It’s 1957, and the Press Release Still Isn’t Written, Hermes und der Pfau, WCW Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (2011).

She is represented by MOTInternational, London and Brussels.

Event: 4 Days – April 2013 / Title of work: I Have Been Ill-Advised by My Scriptwriter

Event: 4 Days - September 2013

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Thursday 27 April 2017

Galleries 11am-6pm

Shop 11am-6pm

Cafe 10am-8pm

Reading Room 11am-6pm