Survey by Qualaroo

Graham Rich

Graham Rich is a sailor and a traveller, a sailing artist in much the same way as Richard Long or Hamish Fulton are walking artists.

He gathers wood along the way and makes his mark - the image of a gaff rigged sloop - scratched into the surface of the painted driftwood at such a point, in such a way, that it describes a moment in the journey. Some are made en route, left as markers on the way, others returned to the sea, to be washed up at another time and place. "The found", he has said, with some cause, " more powerful than the made." (Richard Ingleby)

Graham Rich will present images from his visual correspondence with Ian Hamilton Finlay and talk about their longstanding artistic dialogue.

Friday 28 April 2017

Galleries 11am-6pm

Shop 11am-6pm

Cafe 10am-8pm

Reading Room 11am-6pm