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Leslie Kulesh

Born in the USA, Leslie Kulesh is a London-based artist whose work ranges from sculpture and installation to performance and video.

Kulesh uses these diverse mediums to address issues related to current events and popular culture, often employing modes of audience participation within the works.

Exhibitions include: Oh My Goddess! French Riviera, London (2012) Remote Control, ICA, London (2012) E-vapor-8, 319 Scholes, Brooklyn (2012) Bodies Assembling, Auto Italia South East, London (2011) As if! Like, a performance, duh, Engineworks, San Francisco (2011) How About Now, Sabina Lee, LA (2010) Lonelycat15, Spanien19C, Aarhus, Denmark (2009).

Event: 4 Days – April 2013 / Title of work: HD: High Dissolution

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Galleries 11am-6pm

Shop 11am-6pm

Cafe 10am-10pm

Reading Room 11am-6pm