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Laura Oldfield Ford - Untitled, 2011.

Limited edition print by Laura Oldfield Ford, produced as part of an offsite project presented by Arnolfini in 2011.

Laura Oldfield Ford's drawings use a variety of different motifs that reflect on the urban landscape. Often beginning with the idea of the walk, the artist engages with cities in a psycho-geographic investigation, creating narratives that float between past, present and future. She produces illustration works for a variety of different formats including billboards, posters and zines.

For Arnolfini, Oldfield Ford undertook a period of research exploring Bristol, and produced a set of posters and a zine which portray a number of sites of social and architectural interest from the past and present.


Laura Oldfield Ford

Untitled, 2011

Print, 40 x 31cm


Edition of 25


Apologies - this edition is no longer available from Arnolfini. Please email  FFI on how to source this edition.

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