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Art and Anthopology Seminar

Wednesday 28 November 2012, 13:00 to 16:00

At the same time, artists themselves have become a subject for study by contemporary anthropologists.

At the same time, artists themselves have become a subject for study by contemporary anthropologists. In this seminar, researchers working in and between both fields will come together to explore links, friction and potential in a celebration of cross-disciplinary exchange.

Introduction, Matt Webber, University of Bristol

Lucia King , artist-filmmaker/ PhD researcher, SOAS, University of London
The ‘I' of authorship; non-fiction filmmaking on India's traditional cultures by ‘artist-filmmakers' vis-à-vis ‘anthropologists'.

Paul Jones, artist
Territorial Pissing and Other Borderline Acts: Performativity, Relationality and liminality.

Paolo Fortis, anthropologist, Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Amerindian Studies, University of St Andrews
Perceptions and representations of military and colonial power among the Kuna.


6th Hour Productions with Daniela Cavalcante (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo)
A Doll's Journey - working with Brazil's travesti community.

Anthony Elliott, Prince Claus Foundation for Culture and Development
At the Crossroads of Culture and Development: Art as Ethnography in Civic Participation and Conflict Resolution Development Programmes.

Coordinated by Matt Webber and Phil Owen

Coordinated in response to Arnolfini's Parallel Universe season, and Matti Braun's Gost Log in particular, the event will include presentations, performances and discussion open to all.

Matti Braun exhibition events
A programme of talks, tours, events and screenings to accompany Matti Braun's exhibition in the galleries.

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