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Howling Owl NYNN: CHAMP presents Coming Of The Dark

Sunday 22 January 2017, 12:00 to 14:00

A workshop in gate-making in a world full of walls.

Here we are in the depths of winter where the seasons and the world lie down to sleep. When the Coming of the Dark closes us in, we must learn how to let in the Light.

We can't go under it.
We can't go over it.
We can't go around it.

Bristol-based art collective CHAMP will be hosting a workshop as part of Howling Owl's New Year New Noise weekend.

CHAMP will be instigating conversations on borders and what a gate can represent to us, and facilitating a practical session in gate-making.

What will your gate look like? An invitation, or a barrier? A way in, or a way out? 

Materials will be provided.

To book tickets for this event please call the Visitor Experience Team on 0117 917 2300.

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