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Do Ho Suh: New York City Apartment/Corridor/Bristol

Saturday 28 March 2015 to Sunday 27 September 2015, 10:00 to 17:00

Internationally renowned contemporary artist, Do Ho Suh will be showcasing a unique installation at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Commissioned especially for Bristol, New York City Apartment/Corridor/Bristol is an immersive installation that recreates a corridor from the artist's own home, tailored from fabric.

As a South Korean who has spent most of his adult life abroad, Do Ho Suh explores his personal sense of physical and cultural displacement through his work and is known for creating works that explore the issues of separation, migration, sense of loss and longing.

He does this through representing real objects, such as furniture, rooms and buildings, that serve as mementos of real spaces but are constructed from unusual materials or in an unexpected scale.

New York City Apartment/Corridor/Bristol represents the corridor of his brownstone apartment building in New York in diaphanous green and red polyester.

Do Ho Suh. Perfect Home from Nils Clauss on Vimeo.

The work was developed in partnership with Arnolfini and Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. The work has been commissioned with a significant grant from the Art Fund under Art Fund International, and further support from the V&A Purchase Grant Fund and the Henry Moore Foundation.

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