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Moving Targets / Jamaican Pulse presents: Culture Clash with Don Letts

Sunday 11 September 2016, 20:00 to 23:00

Arnolfini and RWA invite you to join us for a special CULTURE CLASH closing party with 6 Music DJ, film maker and Reggae/Punk impresario Don Letts.

Exploring the longstanding connections and crossovers between Reggae and Punk, we are celebrating the final day of Jamaican Pulse at RWA and Moving Targets at Arnolfini.

Widely acknowledged as the man who introduced reggae to the punk crowd in the 1970s while DJing at legendary venue The Roxy, Letts will be taking over the Arnolfini’s auditorium to bring us a set that, in the spirit of the original ‘punky reggae party’ will be designed to get the crowd moving.

As well as continuing to DJ both nationally and internationally, Letts credits include: co-founding the band Big Audio Dynamite with Mick Jones of The Clash; directing over 300 music videos for artists ranging from Public Image Limited to Bob Marley; and making documentary films on, among others, Gil Scot-Heron, The Jam and Paul McCartney. Published in 2007, his autobiography is entitled Culture Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers.

Join in the fun and give us your suggestions for a punky reggae party playlist here.

Don will also be showing his ‘Carnival’ film at RWA at 2pm. Arnolfini will be presenting a Docu-film double-bill exploring race and gender identities within the punk scene as part of Moving Targets from 4pm. Read More.

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