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Forest Fringe: Paper Stages

Thursday 12 September 2013 to Sunday 15 September 2013, 09:00 to 18:00

Having launched as part of 4 Days: Curtain Call, Paper Stages continues as an ongoing exchange. If you would like to take part, get in touch at Tasks include reviewing events at Arnolfini for publication on our blog.

With: Forest Fringe

Paper Stages is a project which saw its first edition launched as part of the Forest Fringe in 2012, and has two elements. One is the physical artefact, a book of texts and instructions written to inspire the public into performing their own works without the need for a clearly defined physical space. The other involves the process of its distribution, whereby anyone willing to volunteer an hour of their time will receive a copy of the book.

This edition has invited contributions from a selection of artists including Jenna Watt and Shaun C Badham (who will perform in ROMCOM as part of 4 Days). Paper Stages curator Andy Field explains the project is an attempt to articulate ‘a sense of communality, a challenge to received ideas of how things should be done, a playful sense of adventure.’

Taking part in Paper Stages is no ordinary volunteering opportunity: it will involve creative input on the part of the volunteer, who will participate in the creation of installations and live performances that will make up part of the ‘4 Days’ programme.

If you would like to help in anything from weeding and seed collecting on our Ballast Seed Garden to being part of a procession to mark the finale of Yorgos Sapountzis’ exhibition The Protagonists, please get in touch at All participants will receive a copy of Paper Stages on completion of their task.

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This event is part of 4 Days : Curtain Call
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