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Preview: La Giubba + Corin Sworn Q&A

Friday 04 March 2016, 19:30 to 21:00

The first major collaboration between Canadian artist Tony Romano and English-born, Toronto-raised Corin Sworn, La Giubba follows the intersections of five drifters over the course of two summer days in southern Italy.

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A young Albanian man and his daughter search for a swimming coach who fled their homeland in the 1990s, but instead find an Arbëresh community settled by their countrymen 600 years earlier. Two theatre actors take on a dubious commission to increase audiences in the rural south and traverse the landscape fashioning little theatres of belief, until a Canadian interloper turns up. Employing professional and amateur actors, La Giubba situates its nomadic characters within both the stunning Italian landscape and the history inscribed upon it, visible and unseen.

As all of these itinerants chart cartographies of their own desire whilst being buffeted by the winds of chance (which always blow strongest on the most precarious), their interactions inevitably result in droll miscommunication. Yet even when misguided, their intentions reverberate with the fertile hopeful promise of the present, a counterpoint to the claims of the past.

This event is part of Parallel: ICO Art + Cinema Weekend

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Tuesday 06 December 2016

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This event is part of Parallel: ICO Art & Cinema Weekend
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