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Reading: Toby Litt - Corpsing William Sutcliffe - The Love Hexagon

Monday 13 November 2000, 23:00

Tuesday 14 November 7.00pm
Toby Litt - Corpsing
William Sutcliffe - The Love Hexagon
Corpsing (Penguin £6.99) Following the murder of his ex-girlfriend Lily, Conrad sets out to discover the reasons for her death and his own attempted murder. A cleverly structured and unusual thriller where the boundaries between appearance and reality are blurred until the ultimate clarity of the shocking denouement. Toby Litt is the author of Adventures in Capitalism, a collection of short stories and the novel Beatniks.
The Love Hexagon (Penguin £5.99). Six young Londoners face their feelings for one another in their quest for something more from life. With a tangle of secret lusts between them, it only takes one betrayal to trigger a sudden collapse of social and sexual decorum. How deep do loyalties within a group of friends run, when eyes and hearts begin to stray? William Sutcliffe is the author of two other novels, New Boy and the highly successful Are You Experienced also published by Penguin.
£2.50/£1.50 concessions

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