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Robert Pacitti Company with Velma and special guests Finale

Wednesday 09 May 2001 to Friday 11 May 2001, 22:00

Thursday 10, Friday 11 & Saturday 12 May 8.00pm
Robert Pacitti Company with Velma and special guests
The infamous Robert Pacitti Company join forces with the sensational Swiss electronica band Velma to bring you one from the heart: an intense performance for just 35 viewers each night. Finale investigates some of the more sexual themes of the Emile Zola novel Thérèse Raquin, dispensing with narrative structure to explore deception and lust, spite and domination. This is theatre full of obsessions and distractions played out against the hypnotic minimalist sound of Velma. Finale revels in the dirt of Zola’s text and, true to Pacitti’s form, is compelling and explicit, unexpected and cruel. The show begins with an opportunity to see artworks Pacitti has curated, by guest artists Ju Row Farr, David Faulkner and Sarah Nind, who produce work relevant to Pacitti’s own.
£8.00/£5.00 concessions

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