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Vampir, Cuadecuc

Thursday 31 January 2013, 17:30

Film, shot on the set of Jesús Franco's B-movie, Count Dracula, starring Christopher Lee.

This film is itself a work of vampirism in high contrast, degraded black and white, that recalls the looks of the silent vampire classics: parasiting out-takes, documentary footage and moments on set, this hallucinatory work shook the foundations of the Spanish filmic canon, revealing the entrails of the filmic process (in Spanish, the extra film at the end of a reel is the "cuadecuc" or "wormtail") and re-arranging them in a radical form.

"In the cinema the best films are the ones in which violence to the cinema itself is perpetrated" (Pere Portabella, 1980)


Video Trailer

Dir. Pere Portabella Spain/USA 1970 72mins

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