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Arnolfini Podcast: Imagine New Rules - Episode 4

In this episode, Claire is joined by Bristol performance artist, producer and compere Tom Marshman. They talk about Tom's artistic practice, residencies, artist support and the experimental performance ecology in Bristol.


"[Tom] you’ve described yourself in the past as a bit of a trouble maker, a provocateur. In some ways poking a stick at or provoking organisations to rethink and change and do things they might not have done.

What do you see as emerging in terms of the new ways that art organisations might work to be more porous and open, or do you quite like the fact that they have institutional structures that you can come in and provoke and infect? - Claire Doherty

Thank you for listening to Arnolfini Podcast: Imagine New Rules.


It's time for us to re-imagine what Arnolfini might be in the future by inventing some new rules for a contemporary arts centre.

What would your #newrules be?

The 'Imagine New Rules' podcast series is recorded by Tom Mercer.



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Saturday 19 October 2019, 14:00 to 17:00


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