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Arnolfini Podcast: Imagine New Rules - Episode 7 with David Jubb

David Jubb, artistic director and CEO of Battersea Arts Centre, joins us in this episode.

With Arnolfini Director, Claire Doherty, David discusses the use of SCRATCH in organisational decisions and public performances, the relevance of inclusivity, and how to make the public feel at home in arts centres.

Arnolfini director Claire Doherty is imagining an arts centre for the future, and for Bristol, with invited guests through a podcast series.



David's New Rule is: 

"Every two years have a new leadership team take over the organisation, even if it is for a limited time - Change should be a constant."


Thank you for listening to Arnolfini Podcast: Imagine New Rules.


It's time for us to re-imagine what Arnolfini might be in the future by inventing some new rules for a contemporary arts centre.

What would your #newrules be?

The 'Imagine New Rules' podcast series is recorded by Tom Mercer.

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