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Artists Over Land

The second of our #Arnolfinistory archive photos, capturing an early showing of Richard Long's work at Arnolfini

Artists Over Land, featuring the work of Hamish Fulton, Phillippa Ecobichon, Marie Yates and Richard Long, was open through August and September, 1975. It was the last exhibition Arnolfini held in the W-Shed, our temporary home occupied immediately before moving across the quay to the rebuilt Bush House (the Watershed would take it over in 1982).

It was described in the brochure of the time as attempting to 'conjure up a greater awareness of our own presence, as exemplified by four artists who have had particular perceptions of 'being' in the natural landscape'. Long's work was represented by the stone floor piece, visible in the picture, together with several large photographs. 

You can find more about Artists Over Land in the Reading Room, where the brochure is currently on display with a selection of Richard Long catalogues. The work of Marie Yates will be explored in the forthcoming Throwing Stones seminar.


Arnolfini Story is a multifaceted project celebrating the heritage of the organisation. Through it, we offer information and material from our archives, invite you to share your Arnolfini memories with us, and commission artists and writers to create new response to our history. It launches in 2015, 40 years after Arnolfini moved in to the Bush Warehouse, thereby becoming one of the first organisations to pioneer reuse of Bristol’s derelict docks. 

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