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Basim Magdy - Young People's Writing Project

We asked 16-25 year olds for a creative written responses to Basim Magdy's exhibition, and the idea of the city of Bristol in the future. Su Fahy took up the brief.

The Future of Bristol 

by Su Fahy


Stories shape our memories and affect how we feel about places….

Port City Bristol


slip slide ship shape


magical thinking from the deeps divides

mermaids, mermen, monsters, from these deeps


slip slide ship shape


a fine city no longer sunk only in its dreams

it’s treasures are out of the shade

seeds, slaves, sugar are prone to fade

piano keys, voices, and musical charades

chart our success now…over the decades


slip slide ship shape


duck it’s trade

cite it’s independence

slip slide ship shape

into it’s stylish parade

everybody here wants you now

silvery seas slide into it’s edges, spilling tirades

poets pounce on these polemics

establishing this city’s generous antics

 Su Fahy, 'Port City 1', Fugitive Testimonies Archive, 2017.


Su Fahy, 'Port City 2', Fugitive Testimonies Archive, 2017.

Images - Port City  1 & 2 , © Fugitive Testimonies Archive, 2017.

Text and images by Su Fahy.

Follow her work @memorypalace

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