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What is (wo)man in me? Edson Burton explains ...

This Thursday Come the Revolution present (wo)man in me. We caught up with Edson Burton to get the low down on what to expect from the night.

What is (wo)man in me and what’s the inspiration behind it?

The (wo)man in me is an image, word and performance evening exploring ideas of gender in the African diaspora. In particular, it will explore how gender is seen as rigid when we would argue it is fluid, and how specific and traits associated with masculine and feminine are shared between male and female bodies.


I’m excited by how the night will sample and mix different materials, can you talk a little about this and how it will work?

Storytelling unites the members of the Come the Revolution Collective, whether we are working as artists, curators, or programmers, so for us, the evening brings together our interest in the subject matter with our use of various mediums. By moving between these we can demonstrate the multi-faceted ways in which the constructions of gender are signalled and reinforced throughout popular culture.

What can Bristol learn from (wo)man in me today?

(wo)man in me brings us closer to understand how the questions of gender and gender constructions are live within the African diaspora context. More than that, we will learn how historic and contemporary racism has exacerbated the rigid notions of gender and how this has been resisted. But this is not an academic story - it is personal, intimate and experiential.

Come The Revolution has been going from strength to strength, what are you hoping to do in 2018?

We are partnering on a range of screenings including Afrikaeye, Bristol Radical Festival, Trinity, and of course Arnolfini before the close of the year. Next year will see a new chapter in Come The Revolution's development as we become a constituted organisation Our goal is to host a Black Film Festival in Bristol in the near or not too distant future.


Join us this Thursday for (wo)man in me, for further details and tickets please see here
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Saturday 05 October 2019, 14:00 to 18:00

£8/6 + BF Book

Looking back at this influential exhibition in which contemporary artists explored Britain’s colonial past.