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Meet Delhi 2 Dublin

Delhi 2 Dublin bring their ridiculously energetic live show to Arnolfini as part of an exciting UK tour produced and managed by Asian Arts Agency. Vocalist Sanjay Saran tells us more about their influences and sound...

Can you tell us about the emerging Punjabi scene in Vancouver BC and how that has influenced your sound?

There are over 300, 000 Punjabi’s living in the greater Vancouver area and the scene itself has been responsible for putting out some very major artists like Jazzy B, DJ Intense, Harj Nagra, and, Harbhajan Mann to name a few - to say it is vibrant and alive would be an understatement! And so speaking of influence, I would say it has been the one most influential component to our music as it is responsible for the existence of this band especially since Sanjay and Ravi emerged as musicians solely due to the existence of the Punjabi scene out here.


You describe your sound as a fusion of Punjabi and Celtic roots mashed up with electronic beats. How did this sound come about?

Put a couple of electronic music loving Punjabi's together and make them perform at a Celtic Festival in Vancouver and BOOM the result is Delhi 2 Dublin. So the answer is “quite serendipitously”. 


You are now on your fourth album, how has your sound changed?

We have steered away from the jam-band-meets-sound-system type vibe to a more song based electronic one. The result has been higher energy shows, a happier band, better song, and a more tired and sweaty audience. With electronic based bands the sound normally does tend to change over time, it’s just the nature of the beast. The beats need to stay relevant BUT, the essence of the band is still very similar to when we first started, and that is where the connection is happening anyway - We are just able to deliver better now.


 You have been touring all over the world, where was the most memorable place to play?

Wow, not easy to answer. We each probably have our personal favourites but among the top of the list are Burning Man, Woodford festival in Australia, Bali Spirit Fest, and right on top is playing in India… The festivals there are so rad. As for touring though, we love spending time in California. 


You have an eclectic group of instruments that you all play, what are your favourites?

The dhol, 100 percent!  That drum is pure magic and affects me on a cellular level. As a Punjabi the dhol beat is in my blood for sure. 


You are off to Glastonbury festival after playing at Arnolfini, is there anyone that you want to see?

Since we are only there for Sunday and are playing three times I don’t think I will be able to catch too much! But I’m looking forward to hearing the erie soulful voice of Dawn Penn if I get a chance. That would be pretty awesome.



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