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'Hello Copper Heads'

For the 8th instalment of Dune Series we'll get to hear the sounds of records made from copper, stone and clay brought to us by a set from Copper Sounds, an open-source, experimental Record Label and Manufacturer. We sent a few questions to founder Isaac Stacey to learn a little more about them...

Who are Copper Sounds?

IS: We're an experimental record label. We basically muck about making stuff, then stick it on a turntable to see what it sounds like. It was set up by Sonny Lee Lightfoot, Felix Godden and Isaac Stacey.

You work with unusual materials to fabricate your own records. What led you to copper and clay?

IS: I used to work in a print room at uni, where people were doing a lot of etching using copper plates - like Goya and stuff. The process is basically - apply an acid resistant layer to the copper, draw into it to expose the copper, then place in a bath of acid and the acid will eat away at the lines you have drawn. Ink is then applied to the plate, and printed onto paper using a press to create an image. I just thought instead of using this process to create an image could you use it to create sounds. 

We also use clay because sonny's specialism is in ceramics. He basically just thought about he could use the techniques and process's he already knew to make sounds. 

Can you tell us a bit about your process?

 IS: The process is basically - I wonder what ' that' would sound like/ what would happen if I did 'that'. Once you've done 'that', you listen to it to see what it sounds like.

How would describe the sounds?

IS: Industrial.

Who’s inspiring you in sound making/music right now? What are you listening to?
IS: I guess it's inspired by things by Christian Marclay, Haroon Mirza, Elaine Radigue, Contort Yourself, Aphrodites child 666, Crash Worship...

Dune Series: #8 Copper Sounds is on Friday 10 February 2017 in Arnolfini Café Bar, 7pm until late. 

Running straight off the back of the successful Summer Cuts sessions, Dune Series is a programme of music events that will take you through the winter and transport you into the spring. Dune Series is a programme dedicated to showcasing some of Bristol’s underground electronic DJ communities; exploring the idea of togetherness, providing a platform for these communities and their affiliates to share their music with the public.

The events will run twice a month from November until March. Each collective will host a session in the Café Bar with residents and invited guests digging deep into their crates and providing the soundtrack to your Friday night. These sessions will be recorded and put out online as our Dune Series mixes.

See the full series of events here.


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