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Introducing Beacons, Icons & Dykons: Angora Nights

Beacons, Icons & Dykons will screen the classic film Ed Wood alongside performances. Tom Marshman gives us the low down on what to expect.

Beacons, Icons & Dykons is interested in the oldie worldie, the forgotten, the kitsch and the camp. We run film nights interrupted with hit and run performances that seem to overtake the film or move the audience from being passive to being very present in the room.

We have hosted all kinds of performers from Lois Weaver to Bette Bourne to Lucy McCormick to Liz Clarke. The emphasis is definitely on a fun night out, embarrassing chaos and mayhem; but amongst all the glitter, balloons and campery are some poignant, raw performances that illuminate new perspectives from the artists we work with.

Pink Narcissus from Tom Marshman on Vimeo.

In the 1950s, Producer, Actor and Director Ed Wood made lots of low-budget films in the science fiction, comedy, and horror genres. He was awarded a Golden Turkey Award as Worst Director of All Time, renewing public interest in his work. Wood's career and camp approach has earned him and his films a cult following.

Alongside the film I will be performing a new character. I don’t want to give too much away, only to say that I will be embodying someone who was close to Ed Wood. Hopefully their words are insightful, tender and a little bit camp.

We see ourselves as a community of audience and performers. The style of the evening is louche and laid back. It’s for people that love film but also like to party and we’re excited that Don’t Tell Your Mother will be joining us on the night. I think you should come because WE ARE FAMILY. 



Join Beacons, Icons & Dykons, alongside Don't Tell Your Mother on Friday 27th October 7pm-1am, for a night of film screening, performance and partying. Full details and tickets can be found here.

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