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Katherine Hall

As part of Arnolfini's Artist Development Programme, Katherine Hall occupied the Dark Studio at Arnolfini to rework and rehearse solo work 'Fill in the ____' in preparation for her upcoming trip to Milan. The work will be showcased at the BJCEM Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale in late October.

Katherine talks about her work and her time at Arnolfini:

"The solo performance is presented in a lecture format, full to the brim with chaotic texts, forgotten movement, interactive tasks, intimate nothings and layers of disruptive and contemplative song to explore the oddities of managing time and how this may affect the way that we approach relationships. 

Essentially  the work succinctly speaks of different ways that we can perceive or experience time with an aim to challenge the audience to consider how they are choosing time to play a part in their life and to reflect on what makes them tick. 

Within this week of rehearsals I have found myself passing through states of deep contemplation, script editing, list making, improvising with movement and song as well as restructuring the composition of episodes. 

I first began this solo performance and research around two years ago, and much has developed in my performance practice so I feel very thankful to be provided this space to reestablish myself within the work, bringing new approaches, research findings and challenged perspectives to refresh the performance. 

I particularly enjoyed working with an open studio approach, allowing any of the public or staff to enter my rehearsal space at any time. This was indeed an enjoyable challenge but also a useful contribution to my work as it helped me to consider the significance of interruptions and how they can enter in different shapes and sizes, shifting your pace and approach to time. 

I was led to reflect on the responsibility of sharing, exchanging or invading one another's management of time.  At one point I found myself exploring different ways that one could possibly break time out of joint and then suddenly the fire alarm went off, followed by a repeated announcement to leave the building.

This was quite a shock as I had been in the studio for a long duration with no awareness of the time of day. As I stood outside feeling like I had been jolted into another world and trying to work out the time of day, I thought to myself: well there's a way to break time out of joint! 

This week has allowed me to have space to explore and creatively question whether its the times that makes us or us that makes the times. Can we only journey forwards and backwards or is it rather through our sorting of systems and relations to others that we shift and make our times?"

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Friday 20 September 2019, 10:00 to 17:30


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