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La Merda: an interview with writer Cristian Ceresoli

This highly critically-acclaimed play features a metaphorically and literally naked Silvia Gallerano, revealing all her revolting secrets as she struggles with obstinacy, resistance and courage. La Merda (‘the shit’) is a desperate attempt to pull ourselves out of the mud of consumerism, a totalitarianism that is even more repressive than Fascism, as it is capable of crushing us softly. Mayfest's Richard Aslan spoke to the play’s writer, Cristian Ceresoli about his work...

La Merda has been described as a 'howl of human emotion'. What can audiences coming to see the piece expect?

First of all, I hope I will be forgiven: my English is not good enough to answer properly. However, I will try. It is a hard question to answer – perhaps coming expecting nothing is better. Eventually, they will be enchanted or surprised or disgusted. Nevertheless, people like me and you, might enjoy my writing (and the too-human performance of Silvia Gallerano embodying and incarnating) as an orgiastic / human ritual.

It's a pretty intense piece. Is there a gentler side to the piece for you?

In order to express rage, to write such rage and to perform that rage, even though it might sound banal, you necessarily have to be gentle. You have to be totally immersed in that rage. You have be in a rage against yourself – or part of yourself – too. Having said that, La Merda can be taken as a tragedy underneath the rage, with tenderness within the brutality. At times, it happens, within this brutality, you can laugh. I know, I know, this just a foolish thing to say ... so that's why as a writer, I would prefer not to add or to explain more than is already written in La Merda.

See La Merda & the full Arnolfini / Mayfest programme here.
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Wednesday 11 September 2019, 19:00 to 21:00


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