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An Interview with Howling Owl

Howling Owl Records return to Arnolfini for another round of New Year/New Noise, this time spreading their wings across the building over a weekend. Daisy Moon, Arnolfini Programme Assistant, talks to Joe Hatt to find out what’s in store...

DM: This year you are expanding the programme to include a workshop, discussion and an additional performance. What made you want to increase the scope of the event?

JH: The past two events have been massive highlights for Howling Owl and real watershed moments, but it is always about pushing forward. We've never wanted NY/NN to be just a gig in an art gallery, and feel now is the right to grow it into a series of more encompassing events. It gives us an opportunity to keep things fresh and also to hit a wider audience too which is important to us.


DM: For NY/NN, the line-up has always been varied in musical genres. Why do you decide to programme the event in this way?

JH: It tends to be a reflection of where our heads are at with the label, and our tastes are pretty erratic, plus our shows have always had that sense of havoc so we weren't going to change that. We try our best to play around with the standard gig format and luckily all of the acts we've hosted for these nights are up for that. The Arnolfini crowd also play a massive part as they are a receptive bunch, willing to take a chance on new acts.


DM: You have invited arts collective, CHAMP, to be a part of the Saturday evening event. What will they bring to the show?

JH: Whatever they want it to really. As I mentioned above, the more we can break away from it being a gig in a gallery the better, and by inviting a collective like CHAMP to come in and have free reign it should add a different energy to the night. I saw pockets of them performing at Supernormal this year and really like what they've been up to in terms of events they've put on and just the general way they go about being CHAMP!


DM: You have just come back from your UK tour with Spectres. How was this received? Any highlights?

JH: It was an interesting one for sure. We were playing a few new towns and cities and it was our first proper run of UK dates since the Feb/March album tour; quite a lot has happened since then so we were curious to see what the crowds would be like. Was nice to be sleeping in car parks in the van again after a summer playing in Europe, it made us feel like us again. A highlight was touring with Auto Bitch for the final three dates in November. They confused and terrified the crowd before we played - which is exactly what we wanted.


DM: Finally, what does 2016 look like for Howling Owl? Any artists/releases that we should be looking out for or are you going to keep us waiting?

JH: We've got a backlog of releases from 2015 as well as a load of new ones scheduled for next year so it's going to be busy. First up is the long awaited debut album from Velcro Hooks which is a very special record. We've also got 12”s coming from Silver Waves, Taos Humm, Giant Swan and Tara Clerkin throughout 2016 as well as continuing to release one Spectes/Lorelle Meets The Obsolete 7" per day until Record Store Day 2015. There will also be a load of things coming out that we don't know about yet. Plus our 5th Birthday Party. New Year / New Noise is always the perfect way to kick off the year; it tends to descend into chaos after that!


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Tuesday 29 October 2019, 11:00 to 15:00


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