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Origin of Noods

Noods Radio and residents kick off the first of our Dune Series, a collection of music events and online mixes showcasing a selection of Bristol’s underground electronic music communities. Programme Assistant Daisy Moon talks to Leon Pattrick from Noods about the origins of the independent station and what we can expect this Friday...

How did Noods Radio come about and when did it start?

Originally it was just us carrying on from the night before. Y’know, Sunday rolls through so you drink a couple ’a bevs, share tunes on the sofa and just have a laugh.

The move to turning it into something ‘proper’? Well, that came about through a conversation we had while in line for a toboggan run at Bestival last year. We started airing in December and people who tuned into the first couple of shows will know what I mean by ‘proper.’ But as time has gone on and it’s taken its own shape, it has become something we have come to take much more seriously but still have fun with.

Who runs Noods radio and what is your involvement in the show?

Me (Leon) and Jack. Jacks away travelling at the moment though, so you’ll mainly just see me about. Neither of us play on Noods atm though, but we both deal with everything else and trust me, there’s a lot of admin!

How would you describe the sounds that the station play?

We play a wide variety of stuff really. Our Mondays have kind of developed into a lot of experimental sounds with our residents Plaque & Rodney relaying on the bi-weekly. We have The Surrey Vaults playing all sorts and a few of our Sunday selectors spinning Jazz and Dub. But I guess most of our residents tend to steer towards house & techno.

Which are Noods Radio’s favourite nights/promoters in Bristol?

The best party we’ve been to in Bristol was Dirty Talk’s night with Gilb’r & Jan Schulte. Everything about that night was just on point! We really rate the Young Echo & Peng Sound lot too - those guys do it all for the right reasons and never skimp on the system. 

What can people expect on Friday night at the opening of the Dune series? 

Low-key party vibes. Towards the end I think we might ramp it up a bit as we’re all heading out to go see Andrés afterwards, but I’d come along expecting some vibes and laughs. I know that’s going to be our focus!

On the bill it’s gonna be me (Leon) playing with residents, Chukwudi, Patrick and DJ.2button.



Dune Series is a collection of music events and online mixes showcasing a selection of Bristol’s underground electronic music communities.

Running straight off the back of the successful Summer Cuts sessions, Dune Series is a programme of music events that will take you through the winter and transport you into the spring. Dune Series is a programme dedicated to some of Bristol’s underground DJ communities; exploring the idea of togetherness, providing a platform for these communities and their affiliates to share their music with the public.

The events will run twice a month from November until March. Each collective will host a session in the Café Bar with residents and invited guests digging deep into their crates and providing the soundtrack to your Friday night. These sessions will be recorded and put out online as our Dune Series mixes.

Noods Radio launch Dune Series on Friday 11th November at Arnolfini Cafe Bar. Find out more here.



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