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Plastic Atlantic Retentions

A second blog post from our Vertigo Sea writer in residence Cleo Lake.

Welcome to my second blog post as writer in residence. Thank you to everyone who read my first blog and poem, and a huge shout to everyone who attempted my crossed words! No winners so I guess my clues were way too cryptic. For those of you waiting in anticipation, here are the answers:


Cleo’s Crossed Words

Line Your Ear

2) Dappy man who made sailors safe (8) - Plimsole

6) Rhys’s wide water (8) - Sargasso

7) ‘Colourless’ supremacy (5) - White

9) Black Israelites on Accra coast (2) - Ga

10) Slave commodity produces diabetes (5) – Sugar

Vertical Don

1) Bristol River made Brass (5) - Frome

3) 70’s Bristol black dyeing art centre (8) - Inkworks

4) Pre drum and bass raves at Calais hell hole (6) - Jungle

5) Spirit Queen of the Black Atlantic (4, 4) - Mami Wata

8) Deep heavy sound line smells fishy (4) – Bass


This blog features a short story which melds together several influences from Vertigo Sea (to read or download it, click here). As always I would be very happy to receive your feedback - so please email me

The Vertigo Sea exhibition is coming to an end and to coincide with the last day I have arranged a walking event Moving Words: Commemorate What? which loosely ties together a few ideas including a reflection on the community spirit of 1980s St Pauls where I live and spent much of my childhood; thoughts about the annual commemoration for Edward Colston at Bristol Cathedral; and an acknowledgment of the River Frome, River Avon and other historic spaces. The walk will be animated by speakers, poets, dance, music, and will include a water purifying ceremony.

Moving Words: Commemorate What? will be a reflective event but not solemn - so long as the weather is on our side! The walk is also an opportunity to appreciate nature and the landscape with some of the talented artists and activists of Bristol.

Walk with us.

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Friday 11 October 2019 to Saturday 12 October 2019, 11:00 to 18:00

Tickets Coming Soon

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