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Playback: Harry Wyld

In the lead up to our next exhibition, Playback, we asked filmmaker Harry Wyld some questions about his film, Lesley Stonker, and how it was made with the help of Random Acts.

A joint initiative between Arts Council England and Channel 4, Random Acts aims to showcase bold expressions of creativity with the young filmmakers of today. The films created are now included in the touring exhibition Playback which opens at Arnolfini on 18 August.

What made you participate in the film project with Random Acts?

I heard about the scheme through Uni and already had an idea for a film brewing, but wasn't sure how to go about making it.


Did you have any experience in filmmaking before submitting your proposal to Random Acts?

I'd made animations in the past, but never had any real experience in directing a live action film - which at first was slightly daunting!


How did you experience the production of the film? What did surprise you the most?

I was an Illustration student at the time so was used to working by myself and not in a group. My mentor, Mark helped put me in contact with a really good team who new their roles and what needed to be done which was quite relieving for me. Having a producer to help organise actors, locations and food etc. left me to concentrate on the concept, story and aesthetics of the film.


Which films have influenced your work, and what are your major sources of inspiration?

For my Random Acts film, 'Lesley Stonker', I looked for inspiration in my own sketchbooks and illustrations. It was about how Lesley had been haunting my drawings, so it made sense to look inwards to inspire the style of the film. Generally my inspiration comes from the twisted, mundane every day in the form of drawings, although I did find Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'  did influence me a fair bit.


In your opinion, what should be tackled in films of the future generation? Are there any topics and questions that you consider as crucial?

I think it's important to create equal opportunities for everyone to create work, which is what Random Acts is so good at. As long as there's a variety of people creating films and art I think the content will continue to be interesting.


What are your plans for the future? Are you thinking about a career in film?

I'd love to work on as many films as I can, although potentially more in a graphic design and art direction role. I have plans for another animation slowly developing so that's at the top of the list at the moment.


Which advice would you give to young people applying for the next round?

Make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses, ask for help if you need it and listen to other peoples advice, but know when to ignore it too! 



16-24 and live in the South West? Want to turn your idea into a film? Apply now for the next round of films to be made with Calling the Shots/Random Acts South West. 



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