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Interview with Tim Etchells

Tim Etchells speaks to us as part of Version Control.

For Version Control, Etchells has reworked Bruce Nauman’s seminal 12-screen video workViolent Incident (1986). Nauman’s work is an elaborate, psychologically informed investigation into violence between people, staging endless repetitions of a domestic fight at a kitchen table. Etchells’ version consists of a descriptive text of the scene in Violent Incident, a simple stage set with table and chairs, and a video of a performance by Bruno Roubicek and Lucy McCormick which is based on the text. The work deconstructs the original video sequence into its elements, suggesting a link between social behaviour and notions of the script and performance. The second work, City Changes, is a re-worked text about a city which never changes.

Version Control (Until 14 April).

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