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'Well, Carl and Robert weren't prepared...'

Read an extract from Chloe Cooper's audio walk From Here to There… And Back Again. The walk begins with a fictional conversation between the artists Carl Andre and Robert Smithson as they find themselves ‘elsewhere’.

The show had been open 
for three weeks already
and Carl and Robert were feeling guilty.

They'd meant to pop over to the other site 
on the opening night
but they were having such a good time
- the beats were banging 
and the drinks were flowing -
they never managed to tear themselves away.

They'd woken up the following morning full of regret
and promised themselves 
they'd visit later that day 
but by the time they got ready 
they just couldn't face it 
so they said 
- with firm belief - 
and tomorrow turned into tomorrow's tomorrow
and tomorrow's tomorrow tomorrow
tomorrow's tomorrow tomorrow.

The first week of the show
came and went
along with the second week too.
Whenever they planned to go
they always found they had something else on
- you know,
meeting up with friends 
stag weekends,
leaving drinks…
What a nightmare.

You know how it is
- best intentions and all -
you say you'll go
and you're not aware 
that you're lying to yourself
but you really are
and you keep doing this
again and again
day after day
until one day
you realise it's closed
the show's over
and you feel awful.

Well, Carl and Robert weren't prepared 
to make that same mistake again.
Not again, they said,
today is the day!
Carl had his wheelie suitcase at the ready
and Robert his smart phone in case they got lost.
They were all set.

As they stepped through the automatic doors
they got that rush you get 
when you're really doing something.
You can feel it can't you?
They were really doing this.
It was really happening.

As they stood on the cobbles outside 
getting used to the feeling 
of the outside air on their skin
they rubbed their eyes
squinting up at the sun
and noticed it looked different somehow
like it wasn't there for 
them specifically 

As they started their journey
up and over Pero's bridge

Carl noticed
people weren't
not looking at them 
like they normally did...

To listen to the full audio, click here.

The audio walk is designed for you to listen to while walking between the two exhibitions sites of Art from ElsewhereThe easiest way to listen is to download the audio onto your smartphone.

However, we also have a limited number of headphones and MP3 players available to collect from Arnolfini Box Office, for a deposit of £5. Please return all equipment and your deposit will be returned.

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