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Andy Field & Dan Canham

You and Me And All of This: A Sharing of New Ideas In residence: 7 – 18 April / Work in progress: 18 April, please contact Box Office to register your interest

In April Andy Field & Dan Canham will be beginning a new research project experimenting with the role of choreography in interactive, headphone-based performance. They are interested in questions of intimacy and how performance can be a space to think about our body and its relationship to other bodies - in particular exploring the choreography of our intimate interactions with other people, be they lovers, friends or strangers.

This project is a chance for us to work together to explore some things we’re both interested in. We’ve been thinking about the way people move around and through the city. We're interested in public intimacy and the relationship between the everyday and the ecstatic.  In particular we want to explore the choreography of our public interactions with other people, be they lovers, friends or strangers.

We want to share with you some of the things we’ve been thinking about and hopefully give you the chance to look at Bristol in a slightly different way. You’ll get the chance to experience some of the early experiments we’ve been working on in our two week residency at Arnolfini.(AF & DC)

This project is being supported by the Jerwood Choreographic Research Project, as part of 'Choreographing the Audience' a three-part exploration of choreography in instruction-based performance.

This forms part of Warehouse Residencies Part 1.

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