Survey by Qualaroo

Helen Cole and Yvonne Franquinet

In residence: 7 – 29 April / Work in progress: 28 April, 3.30 – 8.30pm

A new project by Helen Cole and dutch architect/producer Yvonne Franquinet, Room comprises 9 ‘rooms’. Each room explores a fundamental experience of loss and suggests the potential of richness once grief has passed. Resonating with urgency, vitality, presence, physicality, Room asks whether life is in fact the final gift bestowed by those who have gone before.

An immersive room, gallery, performance, and curved whispering wall, Room gently brings the audience to contemplate their own experience. In the last room the audience will be invited to leave their own story if they choose. These contributions, cared for and gathered over time, effect change in the larger installation. In an unusual producing model, as the collection grows so the installation evolves to tell new stories. In this way Room builds on the network of core co-producer partnerships and the evolving, generative audience-centred approach of Cole’s We See Fireworks to create a work of epic intimacy based on the unique experiences of the public.

Working with sound, architecture, text, images, objects, light and performance, this initial research will establish the artistic team and develop early content for 5 rooms. A work-in-progress will be shown to an invited audience in Bristol to test the work and build the touring potential and commissioning base of the project. Following a period of evaluation Room will develop to its full scale during 2015-16.  

This forms part of Warehouse Residencies Part 1.

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