Survey by Qualaroo


In residence: 1 – 25 May

Kathleen Downie will be working on her dance performance 'nap glasses'.

Alice Tatton Brown will be exploring COLOUR. There will be soil, there will be neon, there will be darkness.

Jo Hellier will be working on new project's surrounding ecology, soil and landscape.

Hannah Sullivan will be working on her new solo piece investigating humans as violent creatures.

Massive Owl will be playing with the idea of a new show inspired by a preconceived story, either from a book or a film.

Lina B. Frank will be working on The Infinite Choir - a project which creates sound-portraits of geographical or anthropological areas.

Adrian Spring will be preparing for a performance date of an old solo project about some of his hairs.

Tom Bailey will be working on the piece is under a working title 'speech / oblivion'. It's an exploration of war speeches. 

This forms part of Warehouse Residencies Part 1.

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