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Eudaimon - St Anne's Primary School

As part of the Primary/Bristol series of art commissions, Eudaimon have developed an art work for St Anne's CE Infant and Junior Schools, Oldland Common, Bristol

Artist Proposal:

Eudaimon have taken a playful approach to the public art commission at the St Anne Infant and Junior schools revolves around several interventions that will engage and involve the children at the school. They have created a series of rainwater harvesting vertical and horizontal planting installations that provide an ongoing living project within the school boundaries. Much like the marble-run game every child has played, except water plays the role of the marble, and plants fill spaces.

Along the canopy runs a rain collection gutter. Rather than have this drain away conventionally, water is collected and stored in a pipe. Connected to this is a run-off pipe that feeds into a series of coloured horizontal and vertical pipes spanning areas of the canopy structure. Within each of these pipes there will be a number of holes that will house a plant pot.

Through engaging with St Anne’s during the design process, Eudaimon carried out a workshop with the teachers at both schools. These workshops provided a hands-on and practical approach to using and maintaining the gardens. This allows the schools to take full control of the planters so that the teachers and children can develop their skills and experience.


Eudaimon are a creative design practice focused on exploring sustainability and innovation in the city. Their mission in everything they do is to inspire flourishing living through design.

The duo like to find ways that make people think or feel more positive about the world. They like to make cities greener and healthier. A piece of public art that brings a smile to a pedestrian everyday they pass it, a family of swifts living a nest box betwixt climbing wisteria and clematis, are consequences of what Eudaimon do.

Eudaimon comprises of Jak Ollett, Technical Director and Robert Ollett MSc, Creative Director.

St Anne’s CE Primary School:

St Anne’s CE Primary School was built in 1837 (originally named Oldland National School) in the Victorian school building next to the present school building. In January 2004 the school moved into the attractive modern building that they now occupy, comprising of 14 classrooms, library, food technology area, group rooms, reception area, kitchen, hall and offices.

St Anne’s is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School; they enjoy close links with their local church St Anne’s. All children are welcomed to St Anne’s, and we provide a secure learning opportunity, promoting and encouraging Christian values.

The school are continuing to develop their outside environment, providing more trees and areas for gardening as well as further areas providing shade. An area for development is to grow the conservation area and to become a forest school.

At St Anne’s, they show respect, responsibility and friendship towards each other, their community and world. Their aim is excellence for all.