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Offsite Exhibitions

Young Arnolfini recently presented three offsite exhibitions at different locations across Bristol.

In 2014 Young Arnolfini presented the exhibition Wanderings, aiming to describe both the mental and physical movement of the imagination. The exhibition encapsulated a range of different themes including journeys, dwellings, and the shift between absence and presence. Presented through varying forms, Young Arnolfini took over the top floor of BeInBristol, creating space to allow the mind to wander.

Earlier in 2014 the group created the exhibition Sequentialto serve as a visual response to Joelle Tuerlinckx's exhibition Wor(l)d(k) in Progress, in which she transformed the walls of Arnolfini. This exhibition took place at The Control Room, Redcliffe Bridge. 

Throughout December 2013 Young Arnolfini presented the show Perfectionism, hosted by The Station, the hub for young people’s activity in the centre of the city. Building on the theme of Perfectionism, as explored in Issue 2 of the YA zine, the group explored their idea of the perfect exhibition through text and film.