Survey by Qualaroo

Past Programme


Darkin Ensemble - Disgo Feb
Bristol Live Open Platform - BLOP Feb
Shilpa Gupta - Someone Else Mar
Sophy Rickett - To The River Mar
Superpower: Africa in Science Fiction May
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Cosima Von Bonin Feb
Full Moon Orchestra Apr
Gillian Ayres May
Magical Consciousness May
Mash Up Jun
All events


Janek Simon Jan
Imogen Stidworthy Feb
BLOP: Bristol's Live Open Platform Mar
Otto Zitko & Louise Bourgeois - Me, Myself and I Apr
Caroline Bergvall & Ciran Maher - Say Parsley May
All events


Bill Owens  Suburbia Revisited Feb
Far West Jun
Mircea Cantor: The Need for Uncertainty Sep
Supertoys Nov
The Cover of a Book is the Beginning of a Journey Nov
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