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Container Collective

Container Collective is a group of five artists and lecturers from UCA Canterbury who are united in their interest in the book as an object - it’s tactile form, it’s playful nature, the way a viewer interacts with it, and ultimately it’s accessibility.

As a group of artists from different disciplinary backgrounds their common interest is in developing ideas through examining what a book can be or represent, from sequential narrative to sculptural form.

Container's books are handmade, generated from diverse processes and materials, either creating limited editions or one off pieces.

The Collective or members of the collective regularly show at LAB Whitechapel Gallery, Hand Made and Bound, Boekie Woekie in Amsterdam, Doverodde Book Arts Festival in Denmark, Lutyens and Rubinstein in London, lmnop in Brighton, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, the Scottish Poetry Library,

Books from the collective are in collections at The V&A, The Tate, Book Art Bookshop in London, Marc Jacobs ‘Bookmarc’ in London, Paris, New York and L.A. UAL Library, UCA Library, The Alternative Book Fair London, Iwona Blaswick – director of the Whitechapel Gallery.