Survey by Qualaroo

Rapha Cuomo

Born: 1977

Raphael Cuomo, born in Delemont, Switzerland (1977), and Maria lorio, born in Lausanne, Switzerland (1975), have collaborated since they studied fine arts at Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Geneva. Both are currently researchers at the post-academic institute Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht (NL). They investigate the distribution of time and space which configures our contemporary world and the function of economies of visibilities within this distribution, while privileging the use of photography and video. Their body of works SUDEUROPA examines the movements of North-South tourism/South-North migration and focuses on places where both of these movements overlap, like the Italian island of Lampedusa. They are presently working on Orient Palace, a video extension of this project that will continue in Tunisia in 2008. Since 2002, their works have been shown in exhibitions and festivals in Switzerland and abroad, including |The Maghreb Connection, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo and Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva. They received the Newcomers award, Viper Festival Basel (2002) and the Swiss art award (2007). Raphael Cuomo and Maria lorio are co-publishers of Re-implant, Geneva-Berlin.