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Daniela Cascella

Daniela Cascella is an Italian writer. Her research is focused on sound, literature and listening across a range of publications and projects. Over the last few years she has practised and theorised Writing Sound in connection to reading, memory, personal/collective histories, and the interplay between fiction and criticism. At the core of her current research, and of her presentation at Arnolfini, is a new book that will feature a collection of short critical texts and fictional fragments on the ephemeral, recording, the inability of naming sound and the possibility of writing it nonetheless.

She is the author of En abîme: Listening, Reading, Writing. An Archival Fiction (published by Zer0 Books in 2012). In collaboration with Salomé Voegelin she runs Ora: Voyages into Listening and Writing, a series of monthly broadcasts on Resonance 104.4FM. She is co-founder and editor of Noch, a digital journal on art and listening. Her writing has appeared in many publications including The Wire,, The Journal of Sonic Studies and Los Angeles Review of Books. She has contributed essays to a number of books and exhibition catalogues.

Daniela blogs on Writing Sound at

Event: Salon: Fictions and Ethnomusicology