Survey by Qualaroo

Edwin Burdis

Edwin Burdis (Newcastle) explores a unique and extravagant fusion between art, music and sub-cultural references, working across sound, sculpture, painting and drawing.

Born: 1974

His drawings and paintings often set the tone for performances, all part of an on-going compulsion to produce.

In recent work, including ‘Fruit Machine’ and ‘MegaDairyPigFarm’, an opera is presented with a painting or series of paintings and acts as a link between the striking and surreal imagery and his rich sound vocabulary. Music acts both as a generating and resulting factor.

Differentiating it from entertainment and eliminating what the artist describes as a ‘pay-off’ for the viewer; a performance he hopes will leave the viewer wanting more and making their own connections between all the elements in the gallery space.

Event: 4 Days September 2013

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