Survey by Qualaroo

Eva & Franco Mattes

Eva and Franco Mattes’ (born 1976, Italy) are known as subversive investigators of mass media, appropriating its technology to create performances against its initial intention.

Stolen Pieces presents an elaborate display with objects that are supposedly stolen fragments of masterpieces of modern art, including a label peeled from one of Jeff Koons’ equilibrium tanks and a tiny chip of porcelain from Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain. The objects are presented both as originals and photographs, and with a video suggesting an act of stealing. Presented as forensic objects of a potential crime, which was revealed only when the statute of limitations on the thefts had run out, the work questions our trust in the evidence of objects and images. In fact, we don’t know if the story is true or not.

The Others is comprised of 10,000 photographs stolen from random personal computers, played with a sound track of cover songs also found on the subjects’ hard-drives. These images contain different private moments which were initially not meant to be shared in public and create a precarious tension, due to its sometimes explicit or awkward content.