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Gretchen Bender

Bender was a pioneering video artist, part of the 'Picture Generation' group that included Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, and Sherrie Levine, and who were associated with critical strategies of appropriation of media images.

Bender’s approach was especially conscious of
the power of corporate media representations, in television in particular, as an area where politics and entertainment are conflated. Between 1986 and 1990, Bender edited music videos for bands such as Megadeth and Babes in Toyland, developing a trademark style of rapid editing and the use of found images, which visually anticipates much of MTV’s aesthetics. The video included in Version Control was made for New Order’s Bizzare Love Triangle. A collaboration with Robert Longo, it shows Bender’s approach of infiltrating mass media in order to highlight the seductive quality of images, and the power of the narrative frame.