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Daniel O'Sullivan and Alexander Tucker have been friends and collaborators for a long time. Grumbling Fur surfaced with debut album 'Furrier' (Aurora Borealis) in 2011.

The record was an assemblage from a one day recording session involving Finnish psychonaut Jussi Lehtisalo from Circle and Pharaoh Overlord and Dave Smith from Guapo resulting in a suite of psychedelic mantras indebted to Popol Vuh's 'Affenstunde' and 'The Faust Tapes'. Their first outing as a duo manifested in a session for Southern Records' Latitudes imprint in 2012.

'Glynnaestra' marks the first occasion where the Fur have worked on a fully realised vision as a duo. Recorded at O'Sullivan's home studio from one golden summer to another, this is a convergence of two unique minds producing a record, the elements of which are assembled by hand rather than sequenced on the grid. Glynnaestra herself (an archaic goddess divined by Tucker and O'Sullivan) presides over the record, transcendent and sphinx like. Using the collage sensibility of Beatles' 'White album' as a structural launch pad, the finessing of acoustic and electronic juxtaposition coupled with shamanistic meta-narratives create a sound-world where every element contains its own unique story. Mutant electronic rhythms bubble and pop underneath swathes of strings. Glowing at the centre are their unmistakable vocal harmonies which seem almost telepathically entwined. Glynnaestra visits a multitude of styles and sentiments from a paean to Blade Runner on the 'Ballad Of Roy Batty', the distant siren song of the local ice-cream van on 'Cream Pool' and the slow burning, molten hip-hop of 'His Moody Face' and yet the dream is seamless, you don't wake up from it. There's a tradition of subterranean Englishness at play. Harking back to This Heat's 'Deceit' or Eno's 'Another Green World' but the process and texture ripples with the kind of electro-gnosis one might find in Throbbing Gristle's 'Heathen Earth' or Boards Of Canada's 'In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country'. A merging of faded postcard memories and strobing hyperreal apparitions.

Event: 4 Days September 2013

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